Searching for Success in Judicial Reform


Preface by Antonio T Carpio and K M Hayne:

"Nations all around the world continually seek to improve their judicial systems. The word, judicial reform, like globalization, has entered the vernacular. Those of us who are judges, indeed all who are associated with courts everywhere, now actively pursue the goals of improving our individual work and improving our courts as institutions. We do this because we recognize that our judicial systems are defining characteristics of the way in which our societies are governed. The improvements we make in our judicial systems will have direct effects on fundamental aspects of national stability and on social and economic progress.

The movement for judicial reform has gathered pace over recent years. At least in part this has been a response to increasing demands for the highest standards of integrity, accountability, professionalism, and efficiency to meet the imperatives of global trade and interaction. In part it has been urged on by wider and more informed discussion of human rights, access to justice, and good governance. Judicial reform is now, and must remain, at the centre of the stage when there is discussion about progress.

The Asia Pacific Judicial Reform Forum is a network of 49 superior courts and justice sector agencies across Asia and the Pacific. It is united by a shared commitment to respond to the challenges of judicial reform. It was established pursuant to the Manila Declaration for a 21st Century Independent Judiciary in 2005 and it provides the means by which challenges, ideas, and experiences can be shared and explored.

Searching for Success in Judicial Reform: Voices from the Asia Pacific Experience is the fruit of the Forum’s first project. Its chapters reflect the priorities which the members of the Forum defined. It is a resounding achievement for our region to have drawn together the collective reform experience that is reflected in these pages.

Searching for Success draws these experiences together to present a unique, practical guide to reform and development of courts across Asia and the Pacific. The chapters draw on the expertise of some of the region’s most skilled justices, court administrators, and scholars. They offer a broad cross-section of case studies and reflections.

Those who seek to develop and execute reform strategies will find in these chapters new perspectives from which to view the challenges before them. They will find an account of the ways in which issues have been dealt with by others. But more than this, they will find in Searching for Success the inspiration to continue pursuit of the goals of improving the work that each of us does, and the judicial institutions wherein each of us serves."

Justice Antonio T. Carpio
Supreme Court of the Philippines
Chair, Project Board

Justice Kenneth Hayne, AC
High Court of Australia
Chair, APJRF Secretariat

The full, searchable text of the publication can be found here: Searching for Success in Judicial Reform

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